Travel to Proclaim Truth Conference

Miranda Dodson is the Associate Worship Director at City Life Church in Austin, Texas and has led worship in various capacities for over 20 years. Her aim is to create a space where people are encouraged to turn their full affection toward God, to give Him their adoration, thanksgiving and praise…. To bring their sorrows, questions and fears, and to receive the love and care that only He can provide. Miranda will lead us at Proclaim Truth 2020 in worship and is planning to lead a workshop just for women who are called to proclaim truth through worship.

When she is not leading worship, you will find her writing and recording songs, reading books and learning new recipes. Miranda is a wife to Luke and a mother to their three children, Pascal (8), Dwell (5) and Wynslo (4).

For more info and to hear music you can visit her websites: and