Worship is not just an introduction to a Bible Study, time filler or background noise.  We have the opportunity to worship in song as women who passionately love God's Word and seek to share it with others. Singing to God and encouraging one another. 


90 minutes

Workshops cover a variety of subjects from How to study the Bible to ministering to diverse groups of women and children.  This will give you an opportunity to dial into specific content that will help you grow in your skills as a teacher of God's Word.  The workshops are designed to give you some hands-on experience.  

Main Sessions

4 main sessions

With an overarching theme, each year the main session teaching will develop, support and challenge your growth as a disciple.  Encouraging you and equipping you to become a better disciple of God's Word, the speakers will be presenting biblically based teaching that will inspire you as you seek to share the gospel. 



Leadership in churches can sometimes leave us feeling tired, weary and alone.  As you enter the doors of Proclaim Truth Conference you will be welcomed by a community of women that are passionate just like you. Together, we have the privilege to celebrate the truth that we want to share with the women in our community. Together we can learn how to handle the Word of God correctly and how to creatively present the gospel.