In the Beginning

Proclaim Truth exists to equip and encourage you in your adventures of studying and teaching God’s Word.  I want to be so careful to not make this opportunity about me, because it is truly about you.  However, I want to share with you how Proclaim Truth Conference became a reality in my world. 

My name is Angie B. Likens.  I am the wife of Philip and mom to Cade and Jude.  Four years can go by quickly, however with two baby boys it seemed to creep along in the moment.  My resume is a mix of sales, educator and ministry.  My last position was as the event coordinator for my church home, The Village Church.  I grew into becoming the organizer of major conferences and events before “retiring” to become stay at home mom.  I loved my job and learned that I love planning for an event and watching it all unfold.  In a dead tie in my heart was the desire to see women know God and discover more of him through His Word. 

I can trace my spiritual heritage from one teacher to the next, beginning at home with my mom then to numerous Sunday School teachers, ministry leaders and mentors throughout my life.  

I am turning 40 years old this year, and I can honestly reflect over the last 20 years with great joy.  The Lord has graciously placed me in the path of wise women who love and know God and passionately seek to share Him with others. Passion for the living Word of God has been contagious in my own life. 

It has been my experience that there can be both obstacles and blessings in opening God’s Word with others.  We cannot invest in others where we have not invested in ourselves. With that, I deeply desire to help encourage and equip other women to boldly share the Word of God and build a community of learners and teachers.  We begin with Proclaim Truth Conference.

Professor Howard Hendricks, beloved and distinguished professor of Dallas Theological Seminary, confidently taught and modeled a passion for his Lord, a passion for the Word well used, and a work well done of investing in lives for the glory of Christ. He is often quoted to say “If you stop growing today, you stop teaching tomorrow.”  

I believe that Proclaim Truth can be a significant encouragement to each woman who invest in faithfully teaching the Word of God to others around her. 

More to come in this adventure. Thank you for joining me along with Jen, Coleen and Anne-Lincoln. 

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