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Hand Lettering Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a creative break in our busy days to focus on God's Word. At Proclaim Truth, you will be welcomed into this time to learn and practice a new creative outlet. Christie wants to help you discover a creative way to interact with the beautiful Words of scripture and is confident that anyone can learn the art of hand lettering. You will learn the basic steps in hand lettering to help you engage with God's Word and share it with others. Each participant will be gifted with a few tools to inspire you to continue your new skill at home. Take this moment to exercise your inner artist.

Christie Daugherty is a hand lettering artist from Tyler, TX. She teaches women to relieve stress & anxiety while building their confidence and faith through the art of hand lettering. She is invested in sharing God's Word while inspiring others to "Be the Light".

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Teaching Good Theology to Kids: The Story of Scripture

The Bible tells a story - the true and great story of God, His world and a people He loves. It is a story about God, but it is also our story - the history and heritage of the people of God. Helping children understand, believe and find their place in God’s big story is an essential part of discipleship. But it's hard work! How do you tell the individual stories of scripture in a way that keeps the whole story in view, with God at the center? This workshop will help you think carefully about teaching the story of scripture to the children in your home, church, school or family and equip you with practical tools to do so.

Anne Lincoln Holibaugh serves as the Associate Minister of Next Gen and Family Equipping at The Village Church Denton. She has ministered to children and families within the local church for 15 years and has developed curriculum, designed classes and created learning environments for children and families to grow in their knowledge of and love for God. Anne Lincoln also serves as an advisor for Proclaim Truth.

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How to Faithfully Interpret Scripture

Do you have a curiosity to answer all the possible questions that may come to mind as you study scripture? Beyond reading the scripture and making observations, Caroline Smiley will give you the guidance and tools you need to interpret Scripture faithfully with humility and wisdom. We want you to have confidence to interpret Scripture for yourself, not by yourself. Take this step into diving a bit deeper into studying God's Word.

Caroline Smiley lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three young children where she teaches Bible study at her home church, Eastside Community Church. Her passion is making theology accessible to the church, especially women. Caroline is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in New Testament.

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How to Craft a Rule of Life

There are necessary physical rhythms of our body: breathing, heart beating, blinking. The same is true on a spiritual level. Learning to develop a Rule of Life is about arranging your life to actually be abundant - rather than tired, busy or frustrated. By clarifying your life’s vision, spiritual gifts and desires, your life in Christ can be transformed in concrete ways. In this workshop, you will bring clarity to your deepest values, most important relationships and highest priorities, and feel motivated to remove what may be wasting time and depleting energy. We will learn to model Jesus' self awareness he teaches in John 10.

Jill Barlow is a self proclaimed math nerd, who after working in the corporate world, decided to attend Gordon-Conwell seminary where she graduate with a Masters of Art in Theology. Jill moved to Texas in 2013, bought a "Texas Forever" t-shirt and has never looked back. Jill serves in full time ministry as the Groups Minister at The Village Church in Southlake, TX.

Better Together: How to Make Team Teaching Work

Teaching a Bible study is a BIG job for one person. Aina and her team have learned the value, joy, and best practices for teaching as a team in the church. They want to help you discover the beautiful gift of working as a team to teach the Bible, and lead well in humility and wisdom. They will guide you through the process of building and growing a cohesive team by providing you with tangible tools to work together functionally and relationally. You will have a clear picture of how to equip your teaching team, while providing helpful feedback and encouragement as you grow together.

Aina Carruth
It is her degrees in both Education and Counseling (M.Ed in Educational Psychology, and M.Ed. in Counseling) that eventually led Aina Carruth to her true passion, teaching the Bible. She has a fierce conviction to bring others along to see how beautiful an informed faith can be. Aina and her family have been a part of The Village Church since 2008 and part of the Plano Campus, now Citizens Church, since it launched in 2014. Aina now teaches as part of a team for Women's Bible Study at Citizens Church.

Adorned Podcast: Live Recording

Adorned Podcast: Live Recording with Kacie Hunt and Erin Kellogg
How to Lead Transformative Bible Discussions

The scripture passage has been read, observations made, interpretation and application attempted all in the comfort of your own ideal study corner. Now it's time to gather and discuss with a group, but do you know how to make this time fruitful, transformative and valuable for the women we gather with each week. Kacie and Erin believe that discussing God's word with others is an important piece of discipleship and growing in God's truth. They have even made this discussion time into a podcast for all of us to hear! They want to share with you how to guide your group in a helpful discussion of God's Word in order to transform lives and grow in grace and truth. They will equip you with a helpful framework to lead conversations about a passage of Scripture without the use of a specific curriculum, and you will have the joy of peeking into the creation of their weekly podcast ADORNED during this live recording at Proclaim Truth 2020.

Erin and Kacie are co founders of Adorned Ministries and co hosts of the Adorned Podcast. They are both mothers and wives that desire to see women grow in their knowledge of who God is through the study of scripture. They believe that this is best accomplished in community and through discipleship.

Developing a Biblical and Theological Understanding of the Physical Body

Many of the women to whom we minister are unsure how to think about their own bodies. We can quote Genesis 1:27 "so God created man in his own image” but how does this practically apply to our understanding of our whole person. Alex Ford will help you better understand what the Bible says about the body, and how to integrate this understanding in discipleship and teaching. You will be equipped to receive women who are struggling through various body related issues, and lovingly help them understand how to apply the understanding that we have been created in God's image.

Alexandria Ford serves as a certified wellness coach, and as a teaching assistant for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Her desire is to encourage believers to live well for the glory of God.

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Foundations of Teaching the Bible to Others

Have you ever wondered if you are using commentaries correctly or if there is a Bible study tool that would make it easier? Kelsey Hency will be sharing her process of studying the Bible to teach it to others. She will help you develop the foundations necessary for teaching women directly from Scriptures, and take you from studying the Bible to communicating God's Word to others.

Kelsey Hency is the founder and editor-in-chief of Fathom Magazine, a media company set out to compel people to seek out the depths of Christian faith. Kelsey lives in Dallas with her husband Matt and their two girls, and she teaches the Bible to women at her local church, Northway Church.

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The Joy of Discovery: How to Study the Bible and Disciple Others

You have tasted the joy of walking with God and discovering truth from His Word. Now you can't help but desire that for others. But you may be wondering "Where do I start?" In this workshop Melissa will train you to use the inductive Bible Study method and equip you to disciple others in a small group setting or one on one using this method. Specifically, you will learn how to lead discussions and develop a discipleship outline to foster spiritual growth.

Melissa Deming is creator and founder of Heart & Hive - home of the Guided Bible Journal. She is the author of three discipleship books and serves as the women's ministry leader and Bible teacher in her local church. She and her husband, Jonathan, have 11-year-old identical twins, Zacharias and Jonah. She has an M.Div. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Melissa Deming at Proclaim Truth