The Rhythm of Justice and Mercy

melissa ice and tess clarke

Tess Clarke and Melissa Ice want to join you in exploring what it looks like to engage with the vulnerable, with tips on how to integrate justice and mercy into our already busy lives. No matter your role, this workshop will give you a greater understanding of God’s heart for those in the margins, as well as practical steps for loving and discipling the “least of these” in your city.

Melissa Ice is currently the Founder and Executive Director of The Net which began when a group of TCU college students started building relationships with people experiencing homelessness back in 2010.

Tess Clarke is the co-founder of Seek the Peace and the director of Project Shine. PROJECT SHINE (SHINE) equips pre-teen and teen refugee girls to understand their own worth, strength, and purpose; establishes a sense of belonging and attachment; develops essential life skills; and guides them into valuable community-based roles.

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