How to Create Curriculum: The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Writing a Bible Study curriculum begins with asking the right questions. Kelsey Hency will teach you a step-by-step approach for creating curriculum questions that draw your readers into the Scriptures. If you’re interested in writing a Bible study - now or in the future - join Kelsey as she offers practical help for an intimidating task.

Kelsey Hency wears a multitude of hats. At home she is “Babe” to her husband Mat and “Mama” to her daughters Faye and Elliott Clare. Officially the Editor in Chief at Fathom Magazine where she oversees the editorial quality and direction of each individual issue. Kelsey plays an important role of writing curriculum and teaching Women’s Bible Study at The Village Church. She holds degrees from University of Arkansas and Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Forming the Next Generation

Many will say that teaching the Gospel to the next generation is important, but how do we do that well? Melissa Cotter will present a framework for kids’ ministry, answering questions like “How do you build and run an effective ministry?”, “How do you teach in a large group setting?”, and “How do you minister to kids coming from difficult places?”. Join Melissa as she shares practical application from her own ministry experience.

Melissa Cotter serves as the Elementary Minister at The Village Church Plano Campus. Her love for the Word of God is completely evident in her care and concern of teaching children.

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How to Craft a Teaching Session
colleen searcy

Do you have a passion to teach the Bible but don’t know where to begin? Colleen desires to equip and encourage women to step out in their teaching gifts. Learn practical tools and a useful outline to teach a Bible passage with context and background in mind. In this workshop, Colleen will guide you through the process of gathering context and content in order to teach through Psalm 37:1-11. (Participants will receive an email two weeks prior to the conference so that they can be familiar with the Bible passage. Please bring a study Bible with you to the workshop. Laptops and tablets welcomed but not required.)

Colleen Searcy serves as Minister to Women at Church at the Cross in Grapevine, Texas, and she speaks at women’s retreats and conferences throughout the year. She deeply desires to see women anchor their hope in the God of the Bible as they get to know Him through the study of His Word. She is a gifted Bible teacher as well as a compassionate and well spoken teacher of teachers.

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The Rhythm of Justice and Mercy
melissa ice and tess clarke

Tess Clarke and Melissa Ice want to join you in exploring what it looks like to engage with the vulnerable, with tips on how to integrate justice and mercy into our already busy lives. No matter your role, this workshop will give you a greater understanding of God’s heart for those in the margins, as well as practical steps for loving and discipling the “least of these” in your city.

Melissa Ice is currently the Founder and Executive Director of The Net which began when a group of TCU college students started building relationships with people experiencing homelessness back in 2010.

Tess Clarke is the co-founder of Seek the Peace and the director of Project Shine. PROJECT SHINE (SHINE) equips pre-teen and teen refugee girls to understand their own worth, strength, and purpose; establishes a sense of belonging and attachment; develops essential life skills; and guides them into valuable community-based roles.

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Framework for Family Discipleship

Some of the most important Bible teaching you will ever do may not take place on a platform but across the kitchen table from your children. Join Jenni Hamm as she presents a framework for family discipleship that can be used within the church or family setting. She will explain how she uses this model in her own family, sharing specific examples of how it is applied.

Jenni Hamm is the wife of Jeff and mom to Rebekah, Luke, Joshua and Jack. Homeschool, Baseball and traveling the world for missions fills the family calendar. Jenni and her family are deeply involved in the leadership of the children’s ministry at their church in Flower Mound, Texas.

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